On Failure and Success

Queen Oyeniyi
2 min readJun 7, 2021


Yesterday I read a quote that said, “Entrepreneurship accelerates personal growth because you don’t have a choice but take responsibility for your results”.

These IG quotes will read you to filth won’t they?!

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful space even if you love your full-time job because it teaches you so much about yourself. There’s very little structure, so it’s up to you to find enough discipline to make it work. But when you find what works, IT IS THE BEST FEELING EVER. So keep going.

Here’s my #Top 2 Tip for those looking to actually make this thing work:

📌 Start investing in expert space: consultants, coaches, groups, clubs, anyone whose support you feel will move you forward

📌Embrace your failures, and pick yourself up sooner rather than later.
I mean ALL the failures.

Those days you spent prepping for meeting, only for it to get cancelled.

All of the emails you sent that were never responded to

The videos and podcasts that took you hours to create and got 1 view

The website you spent $1,000 on that hasn’t received a sale yet.

Embrace it all. Failure is not the opposite of success. It’s apart of success.



Queen Oyeniyi

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